Party/After-Party (DIA Beacon)

Dia Beacon

March 7, 2020 - July 25, 2021

This commission continues Dia’s long-term support for experimentation across media, as well as its commitment to fostering music and sound-based programming at the institution’s various sites. Dia’s past programming in sound has been wide-ranging, encompassing performances from artists such as Tony Conrad, Arto Lindsay, Matmos, and Terry Riley; new commissions by Joan Jonas and Jason Moran, Isabel Lewis, Robert Whitman, and Gilberto Zorio; and iconic long-term installations such as Max Neuhaus’s Time Piece Beacon (2005) and Times Square (1977), and La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela’s Dream House iterations and Dream Festival (1975).

We would like to thank John Torres, who provided expertise on the lighting design, and Ben Manley, who consulted with the artist on the sound design. Sound system tuning by Christophe Chapelle at Sonic Lab Studio. Thanks also go to project consultant Nazy Nazhand, founder of Nazhand Art & Culture. Special thanks go to Gamall Awad, Ernie Guerra, and Kurosh Nasseri.


Carl Craig: Party/After Party


Carl Craig’s Party/After-Party (2020) lives on past the sound installation at Dia Beacon in this two-disc vinyl set. Recorded live at the museum, the album includes four tracks of studio versions from the artist’s commission and live recordings from Dia Beacon that highlight the acoustics of the space. The LPs are supplemented by a sixteen-page booklet of liner notes with an introduction to the project by commission curator Kelly Kivland, a note on the work’s technical components and its unrepeatability by Randy Gibson, a consideration of the work in light of Black musical traditions and Detroit by DeForrest Brown Jr, and a reflection on the commission by Peter L’Official.

Composition by Carl Craig. Liner notes by DeForrest Brown Jr, Randy Gibson, Kelly Kivland, and Peter L’Official

2022, Vinyl

ISBN/SKU: PartyAfterParty

Cover image

Installation view of Carl Craig: Party/After-Party, photo by Bill Jacobson Studio, New York. Courtesy Dia Art Foundation, New York.